Home Automation

Home Automation Tulsa

Smart homes, once only found in science fiction, are quickly becoming the new normal. Smart homes are popular because they enable you to monitor and control key features of your home from all across the globe from your smartphone.  

Not only do smart homes come with a ton of convenient features, but they’re also energy efficient, helping you lower your monthly bills. If you’re not sold yet, smart homes are also making homes more secure than ever with round the clock monitoring capabilities, helping you rest easy knowing that you and your loved ones are safe. 

When it comes to smart homes, it’s one thing to purchase the tech, but another thing entirely to install it and get it up and running properly. Our team at Twelve-Twenty Audio are professionals at getting your smart home completely up and running. 

We can handle all of the setup required so that you can jump straight to enjoying your new smart home with a cup of coffee, while avoiding any frustration that can come from trying to figure things out all on your own. 


Touch control panels
Lighting control with lighting scenes
Surveillance monitoring system installation and activation.
 Automated shades for increased lighting and temperature control
 Fully automatable smart thermometer for energy efficiency.


Smart homes work by connecting all of your homes main electrical features, and making them easily controllable from the palm of your hand. Just as many of us can’t image life without our smartphones, once your smart home is installed, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!