Video Installation

It’s happened. You’ve finally purchased the TV or projector of your dreams, but now you’re faced with the daunting challenge of installing it correctly without damaging it in the process. 

Our team at Twelve-Twenty Audio is ready to help

Not only do we provide hassle-free installation for your new tech, but we also come with the skills and expertise to make sure that your TV and projector are optimally positioned for the best entertainment experience possible.

We understand that there’s more to the task than merely installing the tech and making sure it comes on. When we perform an installation, we take things into consideration like the design of your home, the visibility level and design of the equipment we install, and your overall satisfaction with the job we’ve provided. We don’t leave the job until we’ve made sure that we have met all of you expectations and desires for your new equipment. 


Professional mounting for TVs and projectors.
 Integration of current media systems with new equipment for remote video.
 Projector configuration for optimal viewing quality.
  Conceal unsightly wires in the wall
 Programing one remote for simple to use operation
 Operation instruction for new equipment.
 Clean up of packaging and installation materials.



When we’re done, you’ll have the incredible home theater setup that you would expect from a knowledgeable A/V installation company. Our team is dedicated to helping your equipment live up to its highest potential by using our years of experience and training. Give us a call today and we’ll get things rolling!